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Belle Chemical LLC is a family-owned and -operated chemical manufacturer and distributor with operations in e-commerce, vitamins & supplements, and oilfield services.

We focus on providing efficient chemicals at a lower cost to the end user.

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In light of the Covid-19 impact, Belle Chemical will be shipping all orders direct from our bulk warehouse in Billings, MT. Orders placed before 2pm MST are expected to ship same-day and arrive in 2-5 days depending on location and hazard status. For some products, this actually results in faster delivery times than normal as we typically utilize Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers to reduce shipping costs. Currently, Amazon’s fulfillment centers are severely impacted so we are taking the approach to ship all incoming orders to ensure you get the products you purchase in a timely manner.

Isopropyl alcohol orders have severely impacted our local UPS ability to pickup our orders and we are currently limited to 1,500 orders per day. This results in some orders shipments being carried over to the next business day. All other products should be shipped same-day, regardless.

****Please note: we will not be authorizing returns of Isopropyl alcohol due to extremely high demand; all sales are final. If there is an issue with your shipment, do not hesitate to contact us and we will correct the issue to your satisfaction.

Our toll free customer service line (877) 522-2233 is severely impacted so we encourage you to email info@bellechemical.com for a more timely resolution, and sales@bellechemical.com for wholesale pricing and quotes. Please not wholesale pricing is for quantities above what can be found on our website. Wholesale pricing is not available for quantities of products already found on the website, this is for packaging sizes not listed and/or larger quantities.

Our customer satisfaction guarantee is still in place, but not applicable to delivery times, as all shipping carriers have suspended their “guaranteed delivery by” services.


Making a “Normal” solution. Normality means the number of moles per liter in the solution. Unless you are making an analytical solution, exact measurements and de-ionized water may not be required.

  • Example: we want to make a 0.2N solution of sodium hydroxide. Sodium Hydroxide has one unit of (OH) so this calculation is the same as Molarity.
  • Sodium Hydroxide is 39.997 grams per mole.
  • 0.2 moles of Sodium Hydroxide is 7.9994 grams.
  • Put 7.9994 grams in your container.
  • Add de-ionized water until exactly 1 liter.
  • You now have a 0.2N solution of sodium hydroxide.
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