This product is 100% sodium bentonite clay in a fine granular form that is easy to blend into a powder, if desired. Our bentonite clay is approved food grade and quality guaranteed. This product is commonly used for making facial masks, detoxification, toothpaste, wine clarification and pond sealing.

  • Approved for internal and external use

This product may be blended into a powder, if desired.

For External Use:

Blend granules to desired consistency and mix clay to water at a ratio of 1:10. This product absorbs a much higher ratio of water than you may be accustomed to. Continue adding water and blending until the desired consistency is reached.

For Internal Use:

  • Blend granules to desired consistency, or mix as-is, at a ratio fo 1 Tsp. to 8 oz. of water. Continue mixing as water is added. Blending into a smoothie or flavored drink is recommended.

For Sealing:

  • Thoroughly mix into:
    • Clay soil at 2lbs./sqft.
    • Sandy soil at 4lbs./sqft.
    • Loose gravel at >5lbs./sqft.
  • Compact the mixture and apply water to activate the bentonite seal.
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