Concentrated Vinegar

This product is a vinegar product with 75% concentration acetic acid. This product is 15x stronger than household vinegar and should NOT be used on food (not intended for human consumption).

For complete kill and non-reemergence use the following formula:

  • Mix one quart of 75% vinegar
  • Fill with water to 2 gallons in a hand sprayer (this makes 10% concentration for immature or non-established weeds)
  • Fill with water to 1 gallon in a hand sprayer (this makes 20% concentration for mature and established weeds)
  • Add 1 cup of salt (do not use epsom salt) (recommend table salt)
  • Add 1 tablespoon of dishsoap (Palmolive Lemon Dish Soap seems to work best)

DANGER: This product causes severe skin burns and eye damage. Protective equipment is highly recommended (gloves and safety goggles). If using this product at high concentrations, a respirator may be required as well.

Weed Application: 

  • Higher efficiency is achieved by using on younger weeds, and mature weeds should use this product at a 1:3 ratio (makes one full gallon of 20%).
  • The best time of day to apply this product is during full sunlight when temperatures will remain above 65°F.
  • Application should be done on dry plants, so no rain in last 24 hours and no rain expected in the next 24 hours. *Reminder to turn off sprinklers.*
  • Completely spray the desired plant, covering all leaves, stalks and branches.

Broadcast Application:

  • This type of application includes pre-plant, pre-harvest desiccation and post-harvest desiccation.
  • Dilute at a ratio of 3 gallons of water to 1 gallon of product.
  • Apply at 15-30 gallons total solution per acre. Mature and dense weeds may require more volume rather than higher concentration.
  • Spot testing application may provide better insight into the amount of coverage required.
  • Use flat fan nozzles at pressures less than 35psi.
  • For use within a growing crop use hoods or shielding equipment to keep the spray inside the desired areas and prevent harm to crop.
  • When applying for pre-plant burning a 110° nozzle can be used to allow closer spray application and higher coverage rates. 


This product is produced in the United States.

Use one full quart container to make 1 gallon of weed killer. Be sure to completely wet the target plants. The concentration is now approximately 20% strength.

This can be used to clean painted walls and a 1:4 ratio is recommended. If there are tough spots you may need to increase the dilution ratio.


"We bought this product to use as a weed killer. We diluted this product 1part vinegar to 7 parts water and sprayed it on the weeds in the garden and after one application the weeds were dead. Use very cautiously as it will kill grass and your desirable foliage, too. Highly recommend if you have a serious weed problem like we do. It is better than using weed poison, especially if you have pets! "
"Finally I understood why those "vinegar cleaning tips" never worked for me. Too weak - you need stronger stuff. This 75% vinegar removed the mold from my fridge like a dream. Be aware, it also ate my rubber gloves and removed the paint too. You must wear proper mask and goggles if you don't dilute it and use it straight. This is the perfect cleaning solution, biodegradable and no chemicals. "
"Regular distilled white vinegar you buy at the grocery store is 5%. This product is 75%. Do not mess around with this stuff, be very careful, do not spill or drip on anything, and wear a respirator mask. Not a little dust mask, an actual respirator mask with proper filters. NOT FOR CONSUMPTION. WEAR GLOVES AND A RESPIRATOR. The ten year old toilet in the house we just bought was making black streaks from the holes up under the ring, and also leaving a black ring at the water line. The tank is clean, the bowl is in perfect shape. After research, I realized that ten years of hard water deposits had accumulated inside the rim of the bowl. Not visible. The deposits never dried, so grew black mold, and dripped the mold into the toilet creating the streaks and ring. I removed all the water from the tank and bowl. Allowed the toilet to sit and dry out for several days then very carefully squirted straight 76% vinegar into the overflow tube in the tank. It flows directly inside the rim where the little holes are. Left it for a day. Closed the bathroom door, the toilet lid, and turned the vent fan on. Next day scrubbed up under the rim with a toilet brush. There were hard gray/black chunks that came out from under the rim. The bowl turned out pristine, as if new, no mineral deposits at all. Flush three times to get rid of the smell. Now we wait. If I get black streaks again I am buying a new toilet. "
J. Jackson
I needed a natural herbicide (concerned about pets and Bees) that will take care of the recurring poison ivy. This was perfect! One application and in 2 hours it already started to work as the leaves were wilting and turning dark brown. Also diluted a batch for a strong household cleaner... Love it. "
"Was used as an herbicide for a bird of paradise. If you've ever tried to get rid of this incredibly tuberous plant, you know that a backhoe is the preferred method. But digging around and then pouring this vinegar on it and it's tubers seems to have done the trick. Haven't seen a leaf pop out in well over a week. "
Kindle Customer
"I use 75% industrial Vinegar to clean my toilet. Reduce to 3% for my laundry oder control. Add 15% to hot coffee pot to clean the coffee pot and the to pour onto weeds. I sweep up the powdered weeds a week later. I use 10% added to dish soap water to clean my windows. Will I buy this again? You can count on it. The money saved using this industrial grade vinegar to clean, allows me to buy better flavorful tasting food grade herb vinegars for my diet. "
F. Johnson
"This vinegar saved us $1000s in repair bills and from now on we always will have some on hand. The cover over the condensation unit of our (GE) fridge rusted into and totally blocked the J-tube drain, causing water to leak onto the floor. After days of other treatments, we tried this vinegar and in 24 hours the probem was resolved. Caution - It is very strong, but natural, and so useful around the house. "
R. Stevens
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