Isopropyl Alcohol

****Please note: we will not be authorizing returns of Isopropyl alcohol due to extremely high demand; all sales are final. If there is an issue with your shipment, do not hesitate to contact us and we will correct the issue to your satisfaction.

This product is a medical grade isopropyl alcohol at greater than 99%. As this product is extremely pure without contaminants or organic solvents, it has an extremely low flash point and high evaporation rate. Leaving the container open and exposed to the air over time will result in product being wasted through evaporation. Since this is medical grade, it will not harm the skin in the same manner as industrial grade. Many industrial grades of IPA have organic solvents added to help dissolve, or remove, organic products such as ink and toner. Industrial grade IPA should never be used on the skin. However, even medical grade IPA can result in severe drying of the skin over prolonged or excessive usage.

Due to high demand and low availability, this product is currently under order management, so supply is strictly controlled. Consumer availability will be controlled to ensure those that need the product the most will have it. Shipping of the product may be delayed as well, as we have been experiencing higher daily shipment volumes than normal on all of our products.

  • Non-Volatile Residue = < 100ppm
  • CFC = 0.0%
  • HCFC = 0.0%
  • CL Solvents = 0.0%
  • HFC =   


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